Managing Media

<p>We cannot afford to be ignorant of the lasting effect that the media has on our young people on a daily basis.&#160; We cannot force our young people to live in bubbles by having an unhealthy mindset about the media, but we also cannot continue to allow the ideas and lies of the enemy to slip through unnoticed.&#160; <em>Everything</em> our young people see and hear in the media has some level of impact on their present and future.&#160; It is time for mothers and fathers, leaders and followers, to surround our young people and protect them from the agenda of the enemy that we often see in the media.&#160; It is time for <em>us </em>to begin shaping the culture we have allowed, whether by ignorance or hopelessness, to shape our kids.&#160; It is time for us to live our lives for them, and not for ourselves, for they are our future, and we want the future of this world to be left in the hands of a Word-filled and Kingdom-driven generation.</p> <p><strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;"><a href="" target="_blank">DOWNLOADABLE WORKSHEET FOR "MANAGING MEDIA"</a></span></strong></p>