The Rock

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The Vision:

The Rock is an after-school program designed specifically for boys and girls ages 12-18.  The goal is to train them to become responsible men and women of integrity who are instructed in discipline, manners, practical skills, and the importance of family.  Our goal is to develop in them the internal motivation to become successful members of society.

A Peek at the Schedule:

The vans will pick the students up at school and take them to the Living Word Church campus where they will have a snack, recreation time (basketball, volleyball, pool, air hockey, Frisbee, etc.), a training time (technology, musical instruments, car maintenance, basic carpentry skills, cooking lessons, etc.), dinner, and a spiritual lesson.  Then we will take the students home in the van by 9 pm.

Where:  Living Word Church

When:  Wednesday’s after school to 9:00 p.m.

Who:  Boys and Girls ages 12-18

Cost:  Free

Space is limited.  Acceptance of applicants is based on an interview process.