The Testimony: Do it Again, God!

By Pastor April Briscoe on July 24, 2016 0 Comments

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The Testimony: Do it Again, God! God delivered the Israelites from their enemy when He parted the Red Sea, which allowed them to walk through on dry ground. Forty years later, approximately 155 miles away, the people in Jericho were still rehearsing the story and trembling in fear as the Israelites approached their city. When the Israelites heard the story-their story of deliverance-told by the people of Jericho, it increased their faith and allowed God to do it again. The Israelites were no longer afraid of their enemy. They had the faith to believe God to part the waters again, and they walked across the Jordan River on dry ground and took the land that God had promised them. Our testimony should be boldly told so when others hear, they have an opportunity to believe God to do it again in their own lives

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