The Call of Discipleship

By Pastor Josh Cotts on March 12, 2017 0 Comments

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 Scriptures: Matthew 28:19 Luke 5:10-11 Acts 3:6 John 12:49 John 8:31

 Being a disciple of Jesus Christ means living a life that is not about us. 

 Luke 5:1-11 Acts 3:6 John 8:31-32

We may call ourselves Christians, but are we living as true disciples? Being a disciple of Jesus Christ comes with self-discipline, abiding in God's word, and following Him to no end. Peter, James, and John left everything to follow Him. But have we left everything? Are we still holding onto things we feel we can depend on rather than holding on to the word and promises from God's mouth? My desire is that we would not live our lives for ourselves, but that we would live our lives for the sake of the Kingdom of God and seeing Him glorified throughout the earth. 

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