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God wants to restore hope to His people. Hope has vision for something!

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Hi Bailey.

I like to start by saying your father has been a blessing in our lives. He has spoken the word of God into our live for many years and influenced our lives by his continued faith. I want to thank you for the message of hope you shared. As your father has done so many times it spoke right into my heart. I see that same Spirit of God moving in you. What a blessing.

Hi Pastor Cliff.

I wanted to give you a praise report. I don't know if you remember or not. But you prayed for my youngest son Brady and his heart condition. Over the years it did not get any worse but it did not get better either. As he got older the medication began to not work anymore. Do to the severity of the situation we prayed about it and felt led to go ahead and have the surgery done. This was about a year ago. As the doctors did the surgery they kept coming back with negative reports on his condition. Knowing our God we ignored what the doctors said and began thanking the Lord for what has already been accomplished. We were even joking about it to each other about how little the doctors know. Any way the came back with one last negative report saying that our son did not in fact have SVAC But he had what they call Jet which was very rare and they knew little about it. He told us that this condition untreated would result in death. The problem with treating it for our son was its location and they did not know if they could fix it or not. Again we continued to rejoice a praise God for what he has done. You see Brady;s faith in God is strong and whatever was brought our way we had a loving Father who would walk us through it together. After the surgery the doctors told us they did not know if they fixed it our not only time would tell. Shortly after the surgery he had a few pallepataions of the heart. Which we claimed victory over and the nothing. It is a year later now Brady has not had 1 incident with his heart and the doctors say he is 100% healed. Amen. What a loving God we serve. The greatest part of this was that these doctors and people in the waiting room could see the glory of God be performed on our son. And the peace he gave to family that loved him when there should have been none.

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