You Must Be Born Again?

By Pastor Clif Briscoe on August 03, 2016 0 Comments


Have you ever heard that term?  If you live in America, you have heard it being used it in religious crusades and even on the political scenes starting strongly with Jimmy Carter when he declared he was a "born again" Christian. What does it really mean?

Jesus first used the term when he spoke to a very religious guy named, Nicodemus. Nicodemus was a very strong, pious, religious, man.  He was starting to follow Jesus and would later prove his devotion to this carpenter. This guy who had given his all to Judaism was told it was not enough; Jesus said he had to be "born again." Why would such a devoted follower of Jehovah have to have a rebirth? Jesus simply replies, even with all of Nicodemus' religious fervor, he is still just operating in the flesh. However, people who have been reborn are operating in the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

If this is true, why do many Christians seem to be pretty fleshly? It is because we have treated the rebirth as an event rather a revolution in our spirit that causes a person to be so filled with the Holy Spirit that they are now moved by God himself rather than their own desires. Jesus likened it to wind; you do not not know where the wind came from or where it is going, you are just moved along by the Holy Spirit, as he wills, like a gust of wind.

In context, being born again is being moved and filled constantly by the spirit of God. God so loved the world he gives you the opportunity to live like that! Sooooo...Born again is not so much an event that happened at the is a life changing and exciting walk in the power of the Holy Spirit! (see John 3:1-21)

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