You can know the unknowable!

By Rev Bill Trindle on September 10, 2015 0 Comments

      Eph 3:17-19  That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith; that ye, being rooted and grounded in love, May be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height; And to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fullness of God.

     I love these verses about the love of Christ; on one hand he wants us to comprehend and know this love, yet on the other hand he says it passes (all) knowledge! It’s as if he is painting a paradox or contradicting himself here, to know something that can’t be known. He also describes Christ’s love in the terms of a box, which would seem to limit this love. So if you are going to see it as a box, then you’ll need a big box.

     Think of a box that could contain our ever expanding universe and you in the very center of that box, then you might get just a small version of what Christ’s love is like towards you. Now the question is how can anyone comprehend or know anything that infinite and you being so small? First of all, I don’t think Paul is really trying to say that Christ’s love is a box, but he is trying to get us to visualize the greatness of this love. Imagine yourself on top of this box looking down. Where you can fall into this thing called love. There are two kinds of knowledge, one is more academic or book learned, and the other is experiential, where you learn by experiencing something. I can explain the feeling of cold to you or you could just experience the feeling for yourself; try as hard as I might, my explanation will pale in comparison to your experience. What Paul wants you to do, is to experience for yourself the depth of Christ’s love. So you can fall in love with Christ just as far as you want too, there is no limit, except for the limits you put on it or yourself. If you are starved for love, then you will find your fill here and it can never be exhausted; you can go as deep as you will let yourself go, there is no bottom.

     Now see yourself at the bottom of this box and look up! There is nothing higher than this kind of love. No matter your problem, or your sin, Christ’s love is bigger and higher than anything you can put next to it. If you will just look up, you’ll experience a love that is all consuming. The only thing that this love can’t conquer in your life is the things you won’t summit to this love or your own unbelief. Just look up and there will be more than enough love to handle your situation; there are no giants to Christ!
     Now see yourself behind this box and try and see how far this box will extend itself or the length of it. Remember this box is infinite, so you really can get behind it or see the end of it. Therefore Paul would want you to know or experience the fact, that you can’t find the end of Christ’s love. There is nowhere you can go or find yourself that his love can’t reach you. True, Christ is never happy if you sin or you go down the wrong path, but Christ’s love is always really to receive you back to himself and ready to restore if you will just turn back to him and let him love on you. As sinners, we can find ourselves in a lot of bad places in this life; some are murders, liars, some are involved in all kinds of different sexual sins, whatever the case may be. Christ’s love is there ready to receive us, if we will just turn to him in truth.
     Now see yourself next to the box to see it width or the breadth of it. Here is where I believe we are to see everyone that may be next to us, side by side. Christ’s love works in all of our relationships, where it helps us to walk in love with one another; even with those who try to do us evil. Christ’s love will strengthen us if we will let it, where we can show Christ’s love even to our enemies. Again, the only limitation here are those we put on it, but if we will remove those limitation, then Christ’s love will shine through and it will give us the strength we need to endure any hardships that may come our way. This box is to reveal that we can experience as much of his love as we desire, we can never exhaust it and it is always there to be experienced. There is a fullness of God that can be experienced, but it is only found in the revelation of Christ’s love working in us. This revelation can’t be taught, it can only be experienced; there are not enough words to express this kind of love, you just have to know (experience) him. His love is greater than the universe you live in and you can experience as much as you need or can handle, if you will just let it reign in your heart.

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