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By Pastor Clif Briscoe on May 17, 2013 1 Comment

Well, Mother’s Day has come and gone. However, our memories of prolific moms and women should not be diminished. Men get a lot of accolades in the scriptures and we sometimes overlook the contributions of women.

Granted, the reputation of the female sector did not begin well in the garden. Eve was tricked by Satan into disobeying God’s word and partaking of the forbidden. However, God declares that from this grieving, guilty woman would come a seed, an offspring, that would crush the head of Satan. Of course, this seed is the lamb of God, Jesus, who would erase the sin of the world and destroy the power of man’s arch-enemy.

What is this seed? It is the seed of faith that will bring about Messiah! Mary, the little virgin girl, will believe the impossible message of her conception of the Son of God! Believing God changes everything. It is this seed that activates the miraculous works of God. Several women are faith heroes in the Bible.

One of the more unlikely heroines was a prostitute named, Rahab. She had heard about the intervention of God for his people. When the spies from Israel show up to spy out the land, she immediately accommodates them and makes requests for them to spare her and her family. This lady is so hungry to be a part of the great family of God, she becomes a part of David’s lineage and ultimately of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Another unlikely heroine is Bathsheba. You may wonder why one would include this adulteress. Surely, her name is besmirched for her part in allowing King David to seduce her. However, something happened here. None of David’s other sons seem to ever serve God. However, Solomon is raised from infancy in the wisdom of his father David, and Bathsheba. This unsung mother influenced the wisest man of their time!

Then there is the widow of Zarephath. She is confronted with eating a home cooked meal with her son or believing the prophet Elijah. She chooses the word of the Lord and becomes the vehicle to sustain the proclamation of the word of God through Elijah in a time of famine.

This little widow reminds us of another widow, Anna, who fasted and sought God in the temple till she was eighty-four years old. One day, the infant savior appears with his parents and Anna recognized the moment and began to worship God. She then becomes the first lady preacher and proclaims to Jerusalem that redemption has arrived!

Who can forget the courageous woman who has a book which bears her name, Esther. At risk to her own life, she appears before the king to intercede for the lives of her people, Israel, living in Babylon. Her efforts saved a nation from annihilation.

One of God’s great mothers was a woman named, Hannah. You may know her son, Samuel. She dedicated her son to the Lord and gave him up to the ministry at a young age. This little guy must have learned much at the knee of his mother because he shows keener spiritual sense than the priest Eli that he labored for. God began talking to Samuel at an early age and he became one of the greatest prophets and priests in all Israeli history.

Time will not permit to write of all the great women of the Bible, but of course we cannot conclude without speaking of our beloved mother of our Lord Jesus Christ. Eve blew it in the garden by listening to a foreign and opposing voice. Mary redeems the reputation of all women, when she recognizes the visitation of God and simply believes the most outlandish story of all time: She, a virgin, will conceive a child by the power of the Holy Spirit and they will call him Immanuel, God with us! She simply said, “let it happen like that for your handmaiden!” For all time, it will forever be that it was a woman that turned the tide and made way for the coming Messiah. It was Mary, a faithful mom, who stood at the cross to hear the words of the son of God command John to take care of this good woman, his mother.

A great big thank you to all women of God and godly mothers! We love you!

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