Who Is Jesus?

By Pastor Clif Briscoe on April 03, 2013 0 Comments

Jesus asks his group of guys, “Who do people say I am?” Their answer was, some say John the Baptist, and others say, Jeremiah, Elijah or one of the prophets. None of the titles were derogatory. Most people held all of these men in high esteem. However, no matter with what esteem they were held, all would have been wrong.

Peter spoke up and declared, “you are the Christ, the son of the Living God!” Jesus replied that no man had shown Peter that. What Peter proclaimed came straight from God himself. Jesus further lays it out that the revelation of Peter would give dynamic power to other people who see Jesus for who He is. People who get it will have prayer power to bind and loose on the earth from the authority of heaven itself. 

It is important that we get it right about who Jesus is. There are many people who have very good ideas about Jesus. They might say he is the great teacher, emancipator or prophet. They may declare he is the most wonderful human example of compassion and love or a wise man or the greatest leader. More modern thoughts are that Jesus is the man of greatest self-realization who harnessed “the force” or perhaps he was an alien from space. 

There are lots of ideas. However, we do not want ideas, we want revelation from God. What Peter received was revealed to him by the Holy Spirit. Until the Holy Spirit makes Jesus real to you, he will only be a figure in history. He is alive! He has risen from the dead! He is alive! Is he alive to you? 

I am reminded of a story of a young man who was raised in a church and yet struggled to believe. He had come to think that Jesus was a good guy and his men just wrote down a few of God’s ideas about him among other things. This young man got caught up in drugs, alcohol, and was very confused. 

However, one Sunday, he lay on the floor in a cabin on Grand Lake in Grove, Oklahoma and knew he was dying inside. He actually heard God say, “Read my book.” He picked up the Bible and something dramatic happened. The power of God began to pour off the pages. He was given revelation that Jesus really was the Christ, the Son of the Living God! He was swept into the kingdom of God and found himself on the floor, weeping, crying, and repenting of sin and declaring, all by himself, that Jesus truly was God in the flesh! 

He got it right! He, along with millions of others, began to find real intimacy with Jesus and prayer that changed things. 

That was forty years ago. That young man was me. In an instant, I had a revelation of Jesus. In an instant, I was changed. I have never been the same, and never looked back. I did not do it, God did a marvelous, miraculous work. I pray that for you. I pray you will know the Christ, the Son of the Living God!

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