The Power to become!

By Rev Bill Trindle on March 01, 2016 0 Comments

“But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name: (John 1:12)”

At the beginning of this year (2016), I was remembering some things that I felt the Lord had spoken to me nearly 25+ years ago, but they haven’t happen as of yet. (Which allows me to know, that he isn’t finished with me yet!)

This was the word that I felt that the Lord wanted me to focus on; “power to become!”

The clay in the potter’s hand has a process in which it must go through in order to become the finished product.

We who have received Jesus by believing on his name, have been given power to become the sons/children of God. Think about that and what that means. (Not birthed or made, but power to become!)

What is a son/child of God or what is a son suppose to be and do? Much like Adam who is called a son of God, maybe we should be hearing a similar call; be fruitful and multiply. (So what is your part or how would that apply to you?) What ever the answer is to these questions, it could reveal something about the power we have been given.

The word “power” here is the same word that Jesus used in “Matt.28″; where he said,”all power” was given to him. It means: Authority or permission and ability. It expresses not only that we have the “will of God” to become, but also we have been given the ability to become.


For some, being a son/child may be becoming a Pastor, Teacher, Evangelist, ect… Therefore, they have at their disposal the power, (authority, abilities and gifting’s) to become whatever God has called them to be.

Power to maturity; going from being birthed into the kingdom of God, to someone who knows how to operate within the kingdom at the level God desires one to operate in.

Power to move obstacles out of one’s way so they can become a mature child of God, whether that being:(deliverance from strongholds or anything that would try to stand in the way, weaknesses, even authority to resist demonic influences.)

God never gives a calling or a task that he doesn’t supply you with the necessities to be able to accomplish it; there are always provisions for any visions that he may give you.

So what is it that you need to become what God has called you to be? He has already given you the power and he will continue to give you power to become, no matter how long that may take.

Some years back, we had two very young and talented people on our Praise and Worship team. They (and their parents), decided that they needed to go to a larger Church so that they could gain more recognition and backing to develop and be able to publish their Christian music.

We tried to tell them that God didn’t need them to go to a larger Church for the Lord to promote them, but they left anyway; however things didn’t turnout for them the way they thought it would. (They tried putting their trust in something other than the Lord.)

If you will be faithful no matter where you are, God knows how to promote you right where you are; plus he has given you the power to become, right where you are. And when the timing is right, he knows how to send you with the blessings of your local church; if it’s his will for you to leave it.

If a person will just get a revelation of this, then they would have an anchor for their soul. Nothing can prevent you from fulfilling your God-given goals.

Not poverty or sickness, not even death can stop you from fulfilling the things God has for you; as long as you are diligent and hold fast to what you know God has said to you (through his word and Spirit), you can be confident that you will become the son/child of God he has called you to be.



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