The Kingdom of Healing

By Pastor Clif Briscoe on September 11, 2013 0 Comments

Mt. 9:35-10:1

             Jesus is wading into the middle of humanity.  He finds there numerous people who are sick with disease and torments of various kinds.  He is preaching the expansion of the Kingdom of God.  This message is descending and crashing down on those with oppression in their bodies because the proclamation of the Kingdom of God is that the onslaught of satanic dominance is being broken.  Jesus is here and the Kingdom of God proclaims that physical restoration is part of their heritage!

            Jesus heals every sickness and every disease among the people.

            Then something remarkable happens.  Jesus looks out on the multitude of people that were coming to him.  He sees something extraordinary.  These people were wandering around sick, discouraged, and depressed, with no hope and no shepherd to tell them otherwise.  There was not enough of Jesus to get to all the sick and the hurting.  Jesus was deeply moved in his heart.  Compassion began to flow out of him to effect a change that would meet the need of humanity.  He needed to duplicate himself and his healing ministry to the masses if they were to ever have any hope.  He declares to his faithful followers to start praying for laborers because Jesus saw there were plenty of recipients, who were ready and needy of his healing power, but there was not enough Holy Spirit filled followers who could go and give relief to these sightless, weary, wanderers who just needed a supernatural touch from God to have their world change.

            Jesus does something about their dilemma immediately.  He calls the twelve and gives them authority over filthy demon spirits and the power to heal all kinds of sickness and disease.  The might of the Holy Spirit that was on Jesus was transferable.

            That power is still transferable!  Whatever Jesus has is available to anyone who loves Him and sees the harvest!  There are still sick and tormented people living in fear and without hope.  Jesus is asking you and me, “can you see the ripe harvest?  Do you have compassion for a twisted humanity that is actually longing for a touch from Almighty God through the power of the Holy Spirit which could come from your hands?”

            This is our hour!  The sea of human need has never been more obvious!  They are clamoring for a genuine touch from God.  We are his hands and feet.  Receive the mighty power of the Holy Spirit and let’s take this glory to the restless masses!

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