Restore, Renew, Refire!

By Pastor Clif Briscoe on January 09, 2013 0 Comments

God gave me a word for 2013. He is going to Restore, Renew, and Refire his people! That is for you.

I am reminded of the story of Jacob and how he was destined to lead. When his mother was with child, the two boys jostled mom until she inquired of the Lord. She discovered there were two nations inside of her, and the older child would serve the younger.

Jacob was ordained by God to carry the family heritage to bless the world. However, Jacob goes about securing the blessing in all the wrong ways. He grabs for his destiny by cheating, lying, deceiving, and manipulating. He actually steals the family birthright from his brother by defrauding his father. He gets what he wants at the expense of dividing his family and running for his life.

Jacob stays away for years and decides to come home. He knows he will have to face his brother and he is extremely frightened. As a result, he wrestles all night with the angel from God until the angel knocks him sprawling on the ground with his hip out of joint and he has to admit, he is nothing but a big, fat cheat. This was Jacob’s first step to restoration. He had to own up to who he was in order for his calling to come to fruition. He is called to be the father of the people who would cradle the Messiah; however, he cannot lead as a deceiver. Jacob is being restored to his original purpose; the leader of a new breed of men who would chase after the one, true God.

Jacob is not just restored, Jacob is renewed. God changes his name to Israel, a prince of God! Jacob has been changed and renewed by the glory of God! Only God can change a person, and Israel is on his way to fulfilling his calling.

It is obvious that Jacob has been changed and refired. When he confronts his brother, he precedes himself by sending gifts to meet his brother’s fury. Many would say this was totally out of fear and a desire for survival. However, it can also be said, that the thieving, defrauding, twisting, cheat has learned his lesson and wants peace. He wants to come home. He has made peace with God and has learned to be a giver rather than a taker.

We see in this story our own story. When we come to Jesus, we are forced to see what we really are. If we really want him, he will restore us, change our names and make us new creatures and put a fire in us to do his will. Jesus will give us a vision for our destiny to be a giver of life to the rest of the world!

I believe today there are many of you that need to be Restored, Renewed, and Refired. Let Jesus, by the Spirit of the living God, give you new fire in 2013! There is a world waiting to hear your story!

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