My Fish Story

By Rev Bill Trindle on February 26, 2016 0 Comments

One summer I caught a fish, it was the largest fish I had ever caught and my brother who is a taxidermist had it mounted for me. It was a proud moment when I got it back and was able to find the perfect spot on the wall to hang it.

However, my wife wasn’t as trilled about my fish as I was; and she decided to find a better place to hang my fish in our house.

 It started out in the main front living room, where my trophy fish could be seen by everyone who came into our home; and then one day it found itself in the entryway by the front door.

Then it went into our bedroom for a short stay, until we converted one of the other bedrooms into an office, where it finally appeared to have found a lasting resting place.

I came home one day only to find that it had been moved to a small wall in the sunroom next to the garage and then shortly afterwards it made its way onto the wall of the garage and now!!!!! (It’s on the wall at my brother’s house!)

I was thinking about my fish one day and an allegory formed in my mind.

Often when a person first receives Christ into their life, it can be a very proud moment; but sometimes it can take a while for us to get comfortable with him in our heart, especially since not everyone is going to be as excited about our Jesus as we are, so we may find ourselves moving him around a bit.

We move him from the front room to the main entryway; it’s still a place where everyone can see him, but it’s not the living room where all the family activity is happening.

Then we may move him from the main entryway to the bedroom; a place where it could be a more intimate setting or maybe it’s a place where it’s not quite as open to others being able to see him. (Possibly even a place of hiding him.)

And then one day you just sort of look around to see where he has been placed now! It may have even been awhile since you last looked for him, so where has he been placed now?

Where have you place Christ and is he feeling a bit like my fish, far from that very first proud moment when he first came into your life?

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