Let’s go to the Market

By Rev Bill Trindle on September 06, 2016 0 Comments

No, not the food market; rather let’s go to the Market of Religion. It’s a place for everyone; there’s something for the Atheist, the Agnostic, there is Polytheism and Monotheism, why heck there’s even Pantheism where everything is divine. So there is everything from “no god to everything is divine; if one god isn’t enough to fulfill your life, then you can have as many beliefs you want. If you can’t make up your mind, then there is even something for you, where every path is correct makes no difference.

Every belief has its intellectual arguments as to why you should believe or not believe in all of these systems, they have books and teachers that have made every kind of argument or appeal as to why you should pick them; and how they are the truth. (After all you do want the truth don’t you?)

So how to pick from so many different religious beliefs and what if you pick wrongly? (Are you ready to take on the consequences if you do pick the wrong one, after all, they all can’t be right!) What if only one of them is true, because most say they are the only true one and that after death there are no “do overs”! Are you prepared to find out that your existence may not stop at the grave or that there really is a “Hell or Lake of Fire” where a person will spend all of eternity? Maybe the choice is too hard for you to make, so you simply choose not to make a choice, what then?

Well, if you’re not interested in truth or the consequences of a wrong or poor choice, then you’re in luck; there are more than enough choices you can choose from that will make you fit in. However, !!!! Just because someone wants to deny the existence of gravity, that doesn’t mean that they free from its reality; deny it all you want, but fall off a high building and the reality of gravity will take over no matter what you may believe to the contrary.

It may be true that all religions have their intellectual argument, but they can’t all be true. Personally I believe that Christianity has the best intellectual argument or “theology”, but let’s just say it’s only one of many. Christians have more than a statement of faith about a God or theology, but rather they claim that their God is active in their faith. That God didn’t just jump start this world and set it in motion only to walk away or idly set on the sidelines. Rather Christianity says God is very involved with its people.

The bible contains promises, prophecy and testimonies that reveals an active presence of God; as a person starts to investigate this bible, the balance or scales of truth starts to reveal a reality of a God that is so unlike any other God or belief system. Plus, if the scriptures weren’t enough to help people to know what religion or God is real, then there are the gifts of the Spirit, such as healing and miracles that also reveals the one true and active God! 

No, the more one looks at Jesus (Christianity), the more one can see there is much more than an intellectual argument or theology. I have always believed that my belief in Jesus, that it can withstand the tests that take place in this “Market place of Religion”. Mainly because I don’t stand alone with only a belief system, but rather the presence of God is with me; this presence doesn’t leave me alone with only words to talk about a God, but there is also a supernatural power to bring a reality or proof of this God.

This is where Jesus stands alone; there is no other religion in this market place, (though he isn’t a religion), that can make the claims he makes and is able to back up his claims with power of the Holy Spirit through healing and miracles. We who believe in Jesus should never be afraid to go out into this world and think we have something inferior to present when it comes to all of the other belief systems. No, the bible and Jesus can stand far above anything else is the market place of religions.

So let’s go to the people in this market place and let’s not just tell them about a God or Jesus, but let’s go and show them the power of this God as we tell them about Jesus and why he is the only true “Way”. Come let’s go to the market!  


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