It all started with a Choice!

By Rev Bill Trindle on January 15, 2017 0 Comments

Nobody wakes up and says, "Today I'm going to become an alcoholic or I'm going to become a drug addict." I could name off a whole list of other things people have become or where they find themselves deep into a problem.

No, it starts out usually by a simple decision (or it at least it doesn't look like an unwise decision at the time), that somehow snowballs into something that the person never really intended to happen. Not in 100 years would they have thought that they would end up in the situation they are in, by simply making that one choice (or unwise decision to start something).

No, not everyone who takes that first drink, becomes an alcoholic; or who tries a drug, becomes an addict. But all alcoholic's or drug addicts, made that first choice to try the substance or allowed the substance into their life and it snowballed from there.

Jeremiah the prophet declares Israel is going into exile for 70 years (Jer. 25:8-11), because of their continual sin before the Lord. The Lord told them through Moses, what would be the consequences of their sin, if they failed to obey. (Deu.28:13-47 & Lev.26:32-36)

Jeremiah didn't just pull the number 70 out of thin air; no, it's based on 490 years of not allowing the land to enjoy its Sabbath. The Lord declared every seventh year, the land was to rest; so, it appears that they failed to do this for 490 years or for 70 sabbatical years. (2Ch. 36:21)

490 years would be about the same time that Israel also decided that they wanted a king over them rather than continuing to be a people under the Lord and his judges.

What seemed like a simple or reasonable choice, snowballed into a situation that the people never would have thought that they would end up in.

After their exile or after the 70 years were completed, the Lord told Daniel it would be another 490 years (or 70 weeks) before everything was truly completed (Dan.9:24). Again, this number wasn't just pulled out of thin air; it's to remind the people of their original choice that brought them to this situation.

Again, Israel made a choice nearly 490 years later; and Jesus was rejected and crucified.

Jesus' disciples asked, "how many times should we forgive if someone sins against us, seven times?" Jesus said, "not seven times, but rather seventy times seven" (490 times). Jesus didn't just pull that number from nowhere. (Matt. 18:22)

The God of 70 times 7, isn't done with Israel; nor is he done with those whose lives are in a wreck now, no matter how big that snowball has gotten. A person doesn't have to wait for the "Snowballed effect" to devastate their life or relationships to change course.

It started with what looked like a simple choice (or allowing something into your life), but for sure the solution can also come by a truly simple choice, by turning to the Lord and then one can find the true meaning of 70x7!

Though 70x7 was revealed during a time of judgment, its true purpose was for restoration, healing, and forgiveness. Isn't it about time you allow the Lord to show you the deeper meaning of 70x7?

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