Is Love your Friend or your Enemy?

By Rev Bill Trindle on September 11, 2015 0 Comments

​Song of Solomon 8:6 says, Love is as strong as Death. Scripture has a lot to say about love and death. It speaks about those who live their whole life around the fear of death; where they compromise what is right, because they either fear for their life due to people pressuring them or they do what ever it takes to escape the possibility of death. Whether they steal for food so they won't starve to death. Or they fear man, so they do what ever it takes to please them so they won't be killed themselves. The fear of death is a great motivator. Likewise, the love for someone or something's can also be a great motivator, to do good or evil. At times, love may even be stronger than the fear of death. This can be good or bad depending what your affection is towards. If our love is for God, then the fear of man or death may not have much affect in the way we follow after God. But, if our love is towards money, wealth or love towards others, (fornication, adultery or homosexuality), then this may have a strong effect in the way we follow or not follow after the things of God. Love can then be the friend or the enemy of our soul, (where the fear of death or of God), has little affect. This is why even the fear of going to hell, has little influence on the sinner; their love for their sin is stronger than the fear of death! I heard someone say, "Some will love what they believe, while others will believe but follow what they love!" Many will say they believe in God, but they will go after something else that they love; because their love isn't on God they will seek something else! As believers we need to set our love on God; then we won't follow after something else!

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