Here I Am Jesus?

By Pastor Clif Briscoe on June 27, 2013 0 Comments

Jesus has overcome the temptations and the attempted sabotage of Satan. He has come out of that wilderness experience being filled with the Holy Spirit. He has refused Satan’s overtures for him to use God’s power for selfish gain, personal notoriety, or the love of other things. Jesus is sold out. He is moving in Holy Ghost power and has decided to visit his home town, Nazareth, and attends the worship service at the local synagogue.

Jesus was accustom to being a part of the services and he read from Isaiah about the spirit of the Lord being on him to preach to the poor, to liberate captives, and the oppressed, to heal and bring recovery! He sat down and exclaimed that that passage was being fulfilled in him!

The reaction of the church crowd is venomous! “Heal yourself, oh, great doctor! Do here what you did in Capernaum!”

Basically, the response is one of insults, jealousy, and no faith. Jesus cannot respond to them with compassionate, Holy Spirit, power. They think he needs healing himself and are perhaps jealous that a rival town has received God’s power and they have not! Jesus’ hands are tied.

Jesus then further stirs their ire by saying that this is typical of Israel. God sent Elijah and Elisha to stir the embers of revival and to turn the hearts of God’s people to Him. However, these great prophets brought life to the dead and healing to the lepers not in Israel, but for Sidonians and Syrians.

When the synagogue worshipers heard this, they decided to kill Jesus and throw him off a cliff. He walked away.

It is easy to look at this story and say how bad these people were. However, I find us not too different. Do we really want Jesus to be unleashed to do the miraculous; especially if it was on people we did not like so much? Probably not. Sadly, if that is our attitude, Jesus will pass us by. Not by his choice, but by our choice. Trying to throw Jesus over the cliff will not work. He will walk away and find someone who wants him to work in power.

Hey, let us wake up! Let’s not let the anointing of God, the ministry of Jesus, by-pass us! He is here! He is here! He is here! May our response to his presence be “Jesus, Here I Am!”

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