God can be Astounding at times

By Rev Bill Trindle on July 27, 2016 0 Comments

The other day I was reminiscing some of the things God has done in my life that left me truly astounded.

For example: When I first believed God called me to be an evangelist and to believe he will heal the sick. I told the Lord I will do or say whatever he put in my heart to say or do, as long as he backs it up. In other words, I didn’t want to tell someone that God will heal them and then they not get healed! Or, that he will do something and it not happen.

My very first message wasn’t on healing, it was on unity of the Church. However, I felt I was to open up the altar for prayer and I was supposed to pray over them and their needs.

As I step down from the podium, our piano player for the “praise and worship team” was the first person to come forward. But before I could ask what I should pray with her about. She grabbed her chest and she started hyperventilating.

The great man of faith that I was, in my thoughts I thought she was having a heart attack . This was my very first altar call and maybe my last!

I didn’t have any time to react, she just took about five big breaths and then exhaled saying, “I can breathe, I can breathe!”

I asked if she was ok, and then she explained how in the past couple of weeks, her asthma had become so bad, that she couldn’t hardly breathe and that she was out of breath all the time. But just as soon as I step towards her, a rush of air filled her lungs, and every time she breathed out, another rush of air would fill her lungs. She said at first it scared her, then she realized she could now breathe freely, no symptoms of her asthma remained.

Yep, God astounded me that day! As I said I was reminiscing this just the other day; I hadn’t seen this woman in nearly twenty years and then just a couple of days later I ran into her again. Wow!

Another example: My Pastor was preaching and he ended it with an invitation for people to come forward for prayer. No sooner than those words were out of his mouth, a woman wearing a neck brace stood up and almost in a run came forward.

But before anyone could prepare themselves for her; she began to fall forward and fell to ground, hitting her head on the bottom step of the podium. There was a loud breaking sound and I saw the neck brace fly through the air as it popped off her neck.

Everyone was in shock! There was an almost sickening sensation in the pit of everyone’s stomach, as we watched the whole thing take place.

Then as quickly as she fell, she sprung up yelling and screaming, “I’m healed, I’m healed!”

By this time, the Pastor and the ushers had her surrounded, checking to see what happened and why she said, she was healed.

She began to tell us why she was wearing a neck brace, how she had been in a bad accident, that left her in excruciating pain and doctors had done all they could do for her and the brace helped to support her neck up to help with the pain.

She heard the Pastor give an invitation for prayer, so she wanted to be the first to respond. As she got closer to the podium, she could feel all of her strength leaving her body; therefore, she was helpless to catch herself and she could only see herself falling helplessly unto the steps.

She said she heard a sickening sound like her neck was breaking and then instead of feeling pain, all pain was instantly gone. She could move her head without pain for the first time since the accident.

Yep, God left me truly astounded that day; not just me, but the whole church!

Has he ever left you astounded or in udder amazement? If so, tell someone about this astounding God!

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