Fuego in Argentina!

By Pastor Clif Briscoe on May 07, 2014 0 Comments

“Hey, Pastor Clif, would you like to go with me to Argentina in April?  There is revival starting to break out there.”

            Those were the words of my good friend, Jerry Pfarr, who has been pioneering a fresh word there for over a decade. I prayed and God gave me a direction to go with Jerry.

            I was not skeptical because I knew Jerry and he is not one to exaggerate.  However, you are never sure until you have been there.

            Over 30 years ago, the Lord gave me a vision of a fire in the middle of Oklahoma.  That revival fire caught the whole state on fire and then went south (Texas) and then north and then east and then west until the whole United States was on fire!  That flame proceeded east until the whole world was engulfed!  I have not seen that yet, however, Argentina gives me great hope.

            Never, in my life time, have I witnessed such hunger, purity, and a love for Jesus and a longing for the power of the Holy Spirit as I saw in Argentina.  Some churches have services 4 to 6 times per week plus have 2 or 3 discipleship classes and street evangelism!  In one church (not too large, about 400 to 500 people) they had won 55 people to Christ that weekend by going door to door.  These were not just notches on their salvation belt, these were people they had won to Christ and had them in church on Saturday night, Sunday morning, and Sunday evening!

            In this same church, a Sunday night, the service began at 7 p.m.  The people rejoiced, worshipped, testified, prayed, and sang for over 2 hours!  The zeal and happy spirit was contagious!  I began preaching with an interpreter at about 9:20.  We began to pray for people at 10:15.  At midnight, people were still weeping and crying out for the Holy Spirit to baptize them in love and power.  Overall, over 500 people prayed to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with evidence of tongues in about ten days!  Many people were saved and touched!  I expect more to happen after I am gone than when I was there.  Five hundred people filled with the Holy Spirit can change the course of history!

            Over 30 years ago, I saw revival fire start in the middle of Oklahoma.  I have not seen it yet in Shawnee, but I have seen it in Argentina!  All it takes, is a people who hunger and thirst for Jesus more than anything else!


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