Everyone needs the Beginning

By Rev Bill Trindle on September 06, 2016 0 Comments

Every book in the bible has a divine theme and purpose that helps every believer to understand their faith-walk. Each book is there so that we can learn to apply the words and revelations that are contained within each of them; whereby the bible as a whole becomes a living word to each person. Both on a personal level as well as part of a grander level where we are a corporate body as we understand these themes.

Scripture is not only written for the time in which it was written, but it is also applicable and prophetic to every generation that will hear its revelations that are placed within its pages by the Spirit of God.

Genesis gets its name from the Greek translation the “Septuagint” , but it is called in the Hebrew בראשית Bereshith, meaning; “In the beginning” from its initial first word. Originally it had no title (same as many books in the O/T), but when one called out in the Hebrew “Bereshith”, everyone knew what book was being spoken from. It is one of the five books written by Moses after he led the Hebrews out of Egypt.

These people were about to embark on a new journey, everything that they knew and the way that they had lived their lives was about to change. They were in the beginning of something new, (or was it really something new?)

Before they could start their “new beginning”, they needed to know the real “Beginning”. There was something that had already been started by God that has led up to this new moment of theirs. That they had just been delivered out of a land that had many “gods”, by the hand of the “One True God; and it is by this one true God everything finds its starting point or beginning.

Genesis contains real historical stories, but it’s not meant to be a history book. It’s through these stories we find revelation, revelation that helps us to know and understand the God we follow. It is through this book we find our foundation, where we can judge all other beliefs about who God is and his abilities. Without this book, even the other four books of Moses seem to be incomplete or can be misunderstood.

Moses didn’t come to start a new religion, but rather he came to carry on what God had already started in the very beginning. He didn’t come with a new God, but rather he came by the very God who was in the very beginning. When Moses wrote this book, people didn’t ask is there a God; no, there was a very clear visible presence of God in the camp. So this book is not about trying to get people to believe there is a God, but rather it is designed to help people to know the God that is in their midst.

You really can’t move on into new beginnings, if you don’t know who your God really is. Nor can you move on, if you don’t have some kind of idea of what God’s over all will is; what he will or will not do; does he have a purpose or desired destination that he wants us to arrive at? This is in part what the book Genesis is to help us with.

Unfortunately, many have tried to build on some other foundation than that which God has laid; changing this book into something it’s not or ignoring it all together.

As new creatures in Christ, this book is just as important as the four Gospels are, or any New Testament book; in fact, without this book much of the New Testament loses its importance or understanding. Because like Moses, Jesus didn’t come to start a new religion; but rather he came to fulfill what was already started in the very beginning!

Yes everyone has a new beginning with Jesus, but a lot of its foundation is found in “The Beginning”, or should I say it in the Hebrew “ בראשית Bereshith”!


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