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   You don't have to be in the Church very long and you will find that people will say that God is doing something "new"today and that people or things need to change for it to happen.But, is he really doing or going to do something "new"? Often each new generation of believers wants to feel as if God is doing something with them that he has never done before or in past generations and without it the next generation will be lost;(which to some degree may be true, but in what way is he operating differently?)

     True things around the Church have changed greatly since the cross and in the early days which the Apostles first went out preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But has the message itself, has it changed or does it need to change; has the world so changed that the message of the Gospel that was first preachedback then, now isn't applicable today?

    And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.  -Revelation 13:8    

    This verse as well as other verses, reveals to us that God had a plan of salvation before the fall of man ever happened. Which means, nearly 4000 years after Adam sinned; God's plan hadn't changed. However, once the plan was put into operation (or after Jesus's death, burial and resurrection), things did change! How people was to worship or make their approach to God did change. (But this change too was also in the mind of God before he ever created man.)

   Now after another almost 2000 years later, God's plan and message of salvation still hasn't changed, nor will it. No matter how far we move from the cross or how much the world changes; it will always be the same message. Nor, will the message have to be adapted or modified to reach any sinner.(Other than speaking it in terms or a language that one can understand the message, the message itself doesn't change).

   Jesus tells us, "that no one comes to the Son, except that the Father draws them". John 1:9-13 lets us know we are not born spiritually by our own will, but by the will of God. Simply put, our part is to present the same Gospel that God had from the very beginning and it's the same message that was preached 2000 years ago. And then know it is then up to the Father and the Holy Spirit to draw the people to salvation through that message.

   Some time back, I had a friend who was a long haired, covered in tattoos and piercings, drug using biker. One day he went to an old time Pentecostal Church, they preached the simple Gospel of salvation and showed him love in spite of what he looked like and his background, where he then accepted Christ as his savior. After a few years he felt the call of God on his life to preach Christ. 

   Strange thing was, he felt that God want to do something new with him; but he felt that he needed to keep his long hair and biker look to reach those who were like he was. I laughed and said," Aren't some bikers bald?" He told me to shut up! I told him I was simply showing him that it wasn't his hair that God needed. Then I asked him, "How many biker looking people preached to him in that Church, in order for him to get saved?" Again he told me to shut up! I told him that it's not a certain look or appearance that God needed from him. 

   My point; it's not about cutting or not cutting your hair, it's not about having or not having tattoos or removing piercings or not removing them. This isn't what God looks for or needs to draw people to himself, nor are these the things that the Church needs in order to minister to the lost. But what we need is the confidence, that the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation; whether it's preached in person, by radio, TV or internet. It's the message preached or spoken that God needs, it's people's love for other people and availability that God needs.

   So is God doing something new today? Not really, it's just something new to us or to those who never allowed God to do with them what he has always wanted to do through them or in them, but the message is never out dated and in need of change.In some cases, things are being restored that has been lost or neglected by the Church. And possibly, he is about to cause things to increase to a greater magnitude or intensify things as we get closer to his coming, but even then it really won't be something new that he is using to reach the lost, rather it will still be same Gospel that he has always used and a new you (new creation).





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