Are You Full?

By Rev Bill Trindle on November 15, 2016 0 Comments

“And to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fullness of God. (Eph 3:19)”

The book of Ephesians is one of my favorite letters written by the Apostle Paul and here he makes a statement within his prayer that shows that you can experience God to whatever level you are willing to seek. As well, you can also miss out on many experiences, because you’re not seeking or you're not aware of them.

His prayer is towards a people who already claim a relationship with God, but he sees clearly that they are not “full of God”; and yet even in his prayer he says, “That you might be filled…..” Just because something falls within the will of God, that doesn’t mean that it will automatically happen. Somethings are based on our desire and our willingness to seek more from God; he knows when people want him or when people only tolerate his presence. He sits an open door before for us, but he leaves it up to us on whether we want to pass through the doorway or not and how far into the things of God we are willing to go!

“Whither shall I go from thy spirit? or whither shall I flee from thy presence? If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there: if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there. (Psalms 139:7-8)”

The Psalmist let us know that God is omnipresence and omniscience; therefore, there is nothing about us that he doesn’t know or is aware of and there is no place where we can go where he isn’t already there. All of this means that a great deal of our interaction with God is on us, we decide to move towards or away from the things of God. (We decide whether we want to be full of God or not.)

“Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. (James 4:8)”

Again, we need to know that God is omnipresence; he is already all around us, so this isn’t about God being halfway around the world from you and if you take one step towards him, that he will take one step towards you and eventually if you take enough steps that you will be in his presence. Rather this is, if you will intensify your relationship towards him, then he will intensify his presence or love towards you. Think how a rheostat works with electricity; turn the dial one way and a light bulb will burn bright, but turn it the opposite direction and the bulb will burn with almost no light whatsoever. God has given us the choice as to how bright we will burn for him and to what degree we will allow ourselves to experience his love and his presence in our lives.


Origen was a Christian theologian who lived and taught in Alexandria, Egypt, from A.D. 185 to 254. In his book Against Celsus he writes in 250"Traces of the Holy Spirit who appeared in the form of a dove are still preserved among Christians. They charm demons away and perform many cures and perceived certain things about the future according to the will of the Logos.

In another place he writes, “Moreover, the Holy Spirit gave signs of His Presence at the beginning of Christ’s ministry, and after His ascension He gave still more; but since that time these signs have diminished, although there are still traces of His presence in a few who have had their souls purified by the Gospel and their actions regulated by its influence.

These statements from Origen are truly revealing since for the most part during his lifetime the working of the Spirit of God in this manner was thought to have ceased and it had, except in a few. This few had purified their souls by the Gospel and they allowed the they Gospel to regulate their actions. So was he saying that God was not operating in others people’s live to the same degree, because the Gospel had no real effect in them or that the  majority of the people were not allowing the Gospel to have a fuller influence on them, thereby limiting the fullness of God in their lives? (Think about that, because not being full of God may have to do with how we allow the Gospel to regulate our lives!)

Remember, God is omnipresence so his presences is already all around you; and he was already dwelling in these believers. So Paul’s prayer isn’t about them getting the Spirit of God, but rather that through the experiential knowledge or through experiencing God’s love they would find themselves full of all of the fullness of God. (Nothing lacking.)

Paul would not have prayed this prayer, if it’s not possible for it to be available. So my question to you is, “Are you full?” If not, then I add my prayer to Paul’s prayer so that you might be full with all of the fullness of God! The door is open to be full, but will you allow yourself to be full?   


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