Time to fish or cut bait!

By Rev Bill Trindle on September 13, 2015 0 Comments

I remember teaching on "The authority of the believer" in one of our home cell groups one night. The people whose home we were in, their niece, who came to visit them was there. She was Native American and she was not a believer in Jesus; to her Jesus was the white mans God and a false god to her.

     Shortly after I started teaching she abruptly got up and went out of the room. After about five minutes she came back and again after about five minutes she left again. This happened about four times and as she left the fourth time, I asked her aunt if there was a problem with what I was teaching, if it was bothering her. Her aunt said, "No, she has a bad toothache and she is leaving the room to cry from the pain, that she didn't want to disturb the meeting".

     I felt grieved in my heart, here I was teaching on our authority as believers; and I felt the devil laughing at us, as if to see what we would do! I have been telling these people, we have authority, now it was time to fish or cut bait! So I asked for her to come back into the room where we were. I told her, I know you don't believe in Jesus or his ability to heal; but I do believe in him. I asked her if I could pray for her toothache, that I believed Jesus would heal it; and if Jesus does heal it, I asked her if she would allow me to explain in detail who Jesus is and why he isn't just a white mans God. I could tell she was hurting and that she would do just about anything to stop the pain, so she said, "Yes"!

     I laid my hands on her head and prayed for The Lord to heal her. Then I asked her how she felt. She said it felt better, but it still hurt. So I said that's not what I prayed for, so I told her I would pray again. This time I thanked the Lord for hearing my prayer and that I felt that the devil was trying to prevent the healing from manifesting, then I command Satan to release this young woman and her healing. Again, I asked her how she felt; her response was she felt better, but the tooth still hurt.
     So again I told her, "That's not what I prayed for", so I told her I was going to pray one last time for all pain to be gone. Again I thanked God for his healing power, then I rebuke the lying spirit that was preventing the healing and I commanded it to depart and for the pain to leave. As I got ready to ask how she felt, her eyes filled up with tears; I thought to myself, the pain must be unbearable. I mustered up my faith the best I could, ( the great man of faith I am). As I got ready to ask how she felt, she then started touching her face and moving her jaw back and fourth. I finally asked how she felt. Almost in a mumbled voice, she said, "My mouth, my whole mouth is numb, I can't fell anything!" She spoke as if she just came from the dentist, not able to hardly talk. With big tears in her eyes, she now knew Jesus was real, so I asked if she would now let me tell her about Jesus. She said, Yes and afterwards, she asked Jesus to be her Lord.
     Sometimes rather than teaching the unbeliever who Jesus is and then pray for them. We should earn the right to teach them, after we heal them; by showing them he is real first. The power of God can break down the walls of unbelief faster than any teaching with words can; and once he becomes real to them, the question is, "What are you going with Jesus now?" It becomes the proverbial moment; time to fish or cut bait!

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